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Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee, Father of American Tae Kwon Do

Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee, Father of American Tae Kwon Do

On April 30, 2018 the world lost a visionary. I never had the opportunity to meet him. But he impacted my life in ways I am just now beginning to realize. He was the Father of American Tae Kwon Do. His work will last for generations to come. In his family, students, his friends and those like me who follow him. Some of the people I have the most respect for and call my friends, such as Dr. Ted Gambordella, were at his funeral a few days ago. One thing that I saw was he did 1,000 push-ups a day.

Grandmaster Rhee, Father of American Tae Kwon Do. But so much more! He was a visionary. Something I see in the most successful leaders I know. He knew at a young age living in Korea that he wanted to live in America, he knew he wanted to open martial arts schools. He wanted to develop character in youth. He taught that martial arts isn’t just about kicking and punching. It’s about an underlying philosophy and discipline. Some of the things he accomplished are these:

  • Invented safety equipment that keeps competitors safe in tournaments
  • Wrote a five-volume series of books on Tae Kwon Do
  • Stared in the 1973 movie “When Taekwondo Strikes”
  • He was named “Martial Arts Man of the Century” in 1976
  • Developed martial arts ballet, which is now in Europe & Russia. One of the songs used in this is Star Spangled Banner.
  • Was instrumental in having taekwondo being in the Olympics. I found this in Black Belt Magazine about Ambassador’s children being taught tae kwon do:

“After a few years, they saw the results. As the various ambassadors’ tenure expired, they had to return to their homelands. Many asked me to share my instructors and teach them in their countries. I didn’t have enough instructors to go around, so I introduced them to my classmates from the 1940s, several of whom traveled to their countries to teach. These instructors would then introduce taekwondo to neighboring countries. The training of ambassadors’ family members would happen again and again as they came and went from Washington.” The result: More than 179 countries now have access to taekwondo instruction, which is why it was accepted into the Olympics.”

Grandmaster Rhee spoke on April 10, 2007 to the United Nations on Mending Our Troubled World with Martial Arts Philosophy of Action. In that speech, he talked about needing a vision. He also spoke about education. One thing that stands out is something that I see in all the martial arts leaders I know and respect: lead by example and never fail to correct students’ mistakes with a smile-not until they learn but until they develop a habit or skill.

Finally, his 7 qualities of a champion that he said applied to business and personal life both:

  1. Patience
  2. Speed
  3. Timing
  4. Power
  5. Balance
  6. Flexibility
  7. And good posture.

Unlike most of my blog posts, which I speak from personal knowledge on or else speak from something I learned recently from school or a recent lesson and then repost it here, this one I wrote and researched simultaneously on. Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee was an amazing visionary. Without a doubt, if he had not done the work that he did, our world would be dramatically different. He will always have my complete respect. Oss, Sir. May your memory and qualities you held most dear always be remembered by your family, friends, students, and fans.

An Action is worth 1000 pictures

Exercise? Who me???

Exercise? Who me???

Yesterday I introduced the topic of the Mediterranean Lifestyle. At the base of the pyramid is exercise. People tend to think of diets only being connected to what we eat. But the reality is: what we eat is only one part of being healthy. We also must exercise. With all the choices, available there really is no reason not to get active. I have friends who are into martial arts. I have friends who do cross training. I have friends who dance. I have friends who just walk. I have friends who run. Most of the people I know do a combination of these. For instance, my friend Marian Kirby is a wonderful dancer. But she’s also a Grandmaster in Tae Kwon Do. I have heard people say things like I can’t exercise. As I’ve learned in school there is only a couple of short term reasons not to exercise. One, you just had surgery. And that is usually only for a few hours. Doctors have realized that exercise helps recovery speed up. Two, you are on complete bed-rest for cardiac reasons or pregnancy complications. You may be reading. this from a wheelchair. But even from a wheelchair, you can still exercise. There are basketball teams made up of people in a wheelchair. So, where do you start? First, think about what is fun for you. This is a purely personal decision. I enjoy just moving. So, I walk and do martial arts. But I also enjoy trying new things. So, yesterday morning I did a workout from Youtube. YouTube can be a fun way to try something new. I also do yoga from a DVD. There are so many available options. I know you’ll find one you love.

If I can help, let me know. I am on Facebook as well listed as Malissa Elkins Van Zee. Tomorrow I will talk about the next level in the food pyramid.


Live Clean? What’s This?

Live Clean? What’s This?

I was thinking about this for a couple of days. And I asked a friend what he thinks this is. Here is what he said:

“To me to live clean is to live free from all foreign toxins and chemicals that are harsh over long time that are harmful for our bodies. And also congest and ingest clean living from food, to non-processed food, etc. water included.” Marquis C. Jones, Sr.

Marquis C. Jones, Sr. is a remarkable friend to have.  How often do we eat foods or use chemicals that are just bad for us? I suspect way to often! I say this because of the epidemic of illnesses that are so rampant around the world. Illnesses that were non-existent 100 years ago are now rampant. We have cancer more rampant, even in infants and children. Autism is more rampant. It used to be 1 in 10,000 and now it is 1 in 75. Obesity is also way up. And obesity is directly connected to so many other health issues. So what can be done? Here are some ideas:

  • Take control of what you eat. The Mediterranean Diet is known to be the healthiest diet on earth. Doctors around the world promote this. Including my favorite doctor, Dr. Don Colbert.
  • If you need to lose weight, go on a system that will provide support. I have one that I am seeing amazing success in.
  • Make the switch from cleaners that are not healthy to ones that are effective and safe. The cost isn’t as much as you might think. I will be discussing this more throughout the month.
  • Make sure you are drinking water.
  • Do daily affirmations, keeping a positive mindset will set into action a clean life.
  • Exercise, my favorites are:
    • Walking around a lake or in bad weather the mall
    • Tae Kwon Do
    • Bowling

Over the course of this month I am going to be talking about clean living. So you will want to stay tuned. And if you have anyone in your life that needs help, have them follow me. I’ll be talking about practical ways to do this, if you don’t have family support (and I have this issue personally), and how expensive is this (actually, it really isn’t!)?