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Black Belt Mindset: What Is It???

Black Belt Mindset: What Is It???

Thinking like a black belt, no matter where you are at is critical to becoming healthy and being successful. Here’s one thing I was taught about karate: Karate is:

  • 10% technique
  • 90% courage

But what is the black belt mindset? I spent some time thinking about this. One of the biggest reasons people fail to become healthy is very connected to having a black belt mindset.

  1. It means you are ready to step out and become the best YOU, YOU can be.
  2. You are willing to step away from being selfish and become committed to serving others in need.
  3. It means you are willing to be a role-model to anyone who crosses your path. Starting with your family.
  4. You are committed to teaching and guiding anyone who needs (and wants) it.
  5. You are also a student for life.
  6. Having a mindset of excellence. “A black belt is a white belt that never gave up.” (Renzo Gracie)

“Karate starts with kindness, and ends with kindness” Sensei Funakoshi


Facing Reality

Facing Reality

What do you do when life happens? Or rather when you are told to quit pursuing a dream? I was faced with that. And without going into the details, I am going to tell what to do when this happens. I discussed this on a short live broadcast on Facebook this morning.

The person who told me this doesn’t matter, I don’t pay much attention to him/her anyway. If you are either wanting to get healthy, begin martial arts or both, you will run into people who tell you to quit. Here are 3 tips to deal with it.

  1. Ignore them! Yes, I said ignore them! People willl try to steal or destroy your dream. Don’t let them!
  2. Determine in your heart and write it down what you want to do. And why!
  3. Get around people who support you and encourage you. This can be done on Facebook or in person.

God bless you!



The UNDER-RATED Importance of Simplicity

The UNDER-RATED Importance of Simplicity

Stress, we all know how much it impacts our health. But what isn’t discussed much is how to deal with it. A couple of days ago I told on here that I was going a new direction on this. And I am. And I also told that if you were interested in nutrition and/or martial arts to stay tuned. Well, today I’m telling what is coming. Since I completed college in February, I’ve looked at one wellness program after another that is simple to follow. And I can only find 2 out of the hundreds I’ve looked at that I would recommend. Today, I tell what they are.

One is a wellness program connected to the network marketing company I’m with. It is based on making 3 changes, adding 3 products, and sticking to it for 3 months. The three products are these:

  • Burn: it gives you an energy boost to get your day started off right
  • Sync: gives fiber and is a drink you have in the evening.
  • Sustain: gives you protein.

The 3 changes are great! And this system gives you 5 options. You just choose 3 of them:

  • Walking 7,500 steps a day
  • Drink 5-12 oz. glasses of water a day
  • Avoid sugary drinks
  • Don’t eat fried foods
  • Eliminate the white stuff

The other program I found that is effective and interesting is Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet. Don’t let the word diet fool you. A good reminder at this point is what the word “diet” means: the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats. This is a program that is effective and anything but a diet! You follow a healthy diet, but all sugars as well as anything that your body converts to sugar is eliminated. Sometimes for a season, sometimes permanently. I know several people who are on this program and the fact is: it works!



But how does this work if you’re in martial arts? Whether you do it as a hobby or a career? I’ve also spent some time looking at the different martial arts styles. Personally, I do the Chuck Norris System. This is in the category of Karate. In upcoming posts, I will go into other forms of martial arts, but this week I’m going into Karate. Having a simple nutrition program to follow when you do martial arts will make it simple to follow when you are training. And with myself, and martial artists I know, that is constantly. We are always training. And that is a category that sets martial arts apart from other sports. Football, soccer, baseball, basketball: these are all seasonal. But martial arts is not seasonal, at least for those who do it consistently.

In upcoming posts, I will talk in more detail about what role nutrition plays in martial arts. So, stay tuned. If you want to know more about the weight loss programs, contact me here: Malissa Van Zee

Reggie Carlos and David
Dr. Reggie Cochran, Chuck Norris, and Professor David Dunn 
Network Marketing: Why YOU Should Consider It. Part 4

Network Marketing: Why YOU Should Consider It. Part 4

So, day 4 and today I am using one of my direct leaders. Who is also a top leader in the Network Marketing industry. The amazing, Tony Zolecki. He told me in a private message his favorite parts of network marketing: “You can do and become and have anything you want. It’s all based on you. You growing, you changing, you getting better. You going out and creating whatever you want. There’s no cap. No limit. You can have a big team, a little team, no team. You can create as much residual income as you want. The skies the limit! You can grow and get better. And the better you get, the more lives you change. 2nd: It’s because of the leverage we can create. And the time-freedom you can have. We can build it once and if we do it right, we can get paid on it forever.”

Tony & Sarah Z
Tony & Sarah Zolecki

Tony is an amazing friend and leader. His wife, Sarah, is equally amazing. It’s not surprising that he is one of the top leaders in this industry. One of the first things that Tony taught me when it comes to this industry and to being successful in the company we are part of is that we need to master the basics. By mastering the basics, you accomplish what he said is his favorite parts of this industry. You really can have what you want! I’ve seen pictures of their house and it’s phenomenal! I’ve seen pictures of where they have traveled to, some local to them, some anything but local, such as going to Mexico on a company paid vacation! (Yes, that really does happen!).

Imagine a company paid vacation to an exotic location and getting pampered while you are there. Imagine doing something once and then getting paid on it repeatedly. (this is residual income). Imagine getting paid while you’re on vacation. Imagine a life where all your debts are paid and if you want to go shopping in Paris (no matter where you live) you purchase a plane ticket (or just buy your own plane) and you just go. Or maybe you’re a Christian and want to be a full-time missionary. Well, in that situation, you wouldn’t need to go to people for money. You can just do it. I do know people who use their network marketing business to finance their ministry.  Whatever your dream is, it can be done.

If you want to  connect to them, click here: Sarah & Tony Zolecki.

If you’re ready to connect to me (and you get them as well as other amazing leaders as well) go here: Malissa Van Zee



Network Marketing: Why YOU Should Consider It. Part 3

Network Marketing: Why YOU Should Consider It. Part 3

So, here we are at day 3. And for today, my friend Steve Rose said, “Level playing field.” And it’s true!

Steve Rose

What you get from this industry is 100% determined based on your effort. You don’t have a boss or corporation telling you how much you can earn. Or how high you can go up. You alone determine your growth. If you want to earn $50 a month or $500,000 a month is based on 1 thing: working smart.

I use a strategy called ATM. It is a system I learned from John & Nadya Melton, who are top earners in this industry. This is a strategy that uses social media to build a large business. It is as simple as talking to your friends. Then when you see a need that your company can meet you ADD (A) them to a page on Facebook that can introduce them to the products. You TAG (T) them in a pinned post. And MESSAGE (M) them to answer any questions. Sounds simple, doesn’t it!? It really is and I love it!

John and Nadya have a website that I encourage everyone to use. It’s called My Lifestyle Academy.  It’s full of FREE resources! But I also highly recommend their academies. They are incredible! And effective! The 2 academies I personally use are:

Tomorrow, you won’t want to miss this! I have a TOP LEADER in the industry as my focus!

Special shout out to John & Nadya Melton: Network Marketing Pro, headed up by Eric Worre. Here is what was said about them:

John & Nadya Melton

“John and Nadya Melton are 7-figure earners, 16-year Network Marketing veterans and are currently at the top position in their company. They built a following on Facebook of over 75,000 and have personally recruited over 1,500 people in their career. Being strong leaders in the industry, they began to research new marketing methods to continue growing their business. When they began to use social media, their business skyrocketed. They began to focus on branding themselves, rather than their business. This couldn’t have turned out to be more true, and creating their personal brand changed their life. They experimented with different platforms and techniques. Created a rock solid system that not only worked for them, but thousands of their students and teammates as well.”


SNMA John Melton

Network Marketing: Why YOU Should Consider It. Part 2

Network Marketing: Why YOU Should Consider It. Part 2

Yesterday I started this series by telling what Armon Anderson said. Today, I will tell what my friend Donnell Burnside said. “Atmosphere and dream making.” Donnell’s reply was one of my favorites. I love dreaming! And in this industry, I am supported in making my dreams come true in a supportive atmosphere! In most jobs, you won’t find much (if any) support for pursuing your personal dreams. In the network marketing industry, I am constantly encouraged to pursue my dreams! You will see this with the response I got from my leader on Thursday. But to focus in on what Donnell said, we have an atmosphere that encourages dream making. Imagine having a “boss” who tells you to pursue your dream. Umm, well, I’m not sure that happens! Unless your dreams coincide with the company you work with.

With the leaders I have, I have support in achieving my dreams. Even if they have nothing to do with the company itself. I know Donnell has experienced this as well. As have many others. You will see this echoed with the person I’m talking about on Thursday. So, continue to stay tuned. And on Friday, I have another leader in this industry that chimed in on this discussion.


Network Marketing: Why YOU Should Consider It. Part 1

Network Marketing: Why YOU Should Consider It. Part 1

Recently on Facebook I asked, “What is your favorite part of this industry?” The answers will be covered in this series. The first response was from Armon Anderson who said “That you will always attract where you are within yourself! Constant growth!” Armon was right on target! The friends I had 5 years ago are dramatically different from who I have today. Five years ago, I could not see myself as a leader or a black belt. But by surrounding myself with leaders and martial artists who are black belts, mostly on Facebook, I have seen my life change in a dramatic way. I am now seeing myself as a leader and a black belt. And while I have not YET reached these goals publicly, I am making rapid progress in achieving them.

But how do you grow? In my business, we have a daily list of things we do. It’s called our daily disciplines. On this, we have personal growth as part of it. Personal growth includes activities like reading a self-development book (audio books count too). Exercise daily. Writing out a list of things we are grateful for.  We also have business activities we do. These activities keep us going the right direction, not only in business but also personally.

Tomorrow, I will be talking about another response I got from that question. And that response will be from my friend Donnell Burnside. On Thursday, you will want to be reading this, because I am going to be telling what one of my friends and a top leader in the industry had to say about this topic. My friend is also one of my direct leaders. So, stay tuned! This week will be fun!