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I’m just getting started! HELP!

I’m just getting started! HELP!

What do you do when you are getting started on changing your life? Well, I’m still learning (by the way, so are the top leaders I’m connected to like Tony & Sarah Zolecki, Reggie Cochran, and Justin Prince!). What do they do (and I’ve adopted as a result of their leadership in my life) to get where they are?

DMO, BABY, DMO! But maybe you don’t know what this is? DMO is an acronym for:

  • Daily
  • Method of
  • Operations

What do you do each day? What the most successful leaders do is break it down each day to a to-do list. And their list includes these things:

  • Eating healthy!
  • Focusing on a single goal, and write it out (67% of the wealthy do this compared to 11% of poor)
  • Exercise
  • Listen to audio books
  • Maintain a to-do list
  • Call (or use messenger) and wish their friends and loved ones a happy birthday verbally.
  • Read for 30 minutes or more daily for education or career reasons
  • They are careful as to when they speak their mind. When they speak their mind: people listen!
  • Limited TV! They rarely watch trash tv (ie: reality tv)
  • Rise early and get started right on their day right away. Justin has some great tips on this by the way! Want to talk to him? Connect to me on Facebook and I’ll connect you to him.
  • Avoid toxic people, these are people who have habits that you don’t want to have. And as you do this,  you will find that the bad habits we all have will slowly (or in some cases quickly) will decrease. We are all growing. No condemnation here.
  • They don’t give up! Quitting isn’t an option! If something doesn’t work, they try another way!
  • Something I’ve noticed too: They are CONSISTENT! Tony Zolecki said on a live broadcast last night that the reason people don’t see success is because they quit! I’m doing these blogs and lives for this 100 days to become consistent. And it’s because I have not been consistent and I’m doing what it takes to change this.

All these things apply to every area of your life! Personal and professional. Are you happy, no, THRILLED  with the life you have? If yes, GREAT! If not: let’s talk!

Let’s work together and develop a life you are THRILLED with! Remember: NOTHING is impossible with God!

Want to connect to me? Reply here or look me up on Facebook! I look forward to hearing from you.



Power of Mindset

Power of Mindset

Over the past few weeks I have been bombarded a lot with people making statements making clear what their mindset is. I went off on it with my live broadcast on Facebook today. And it impacts our lives as much as nutrition does.

The people I have the most respect for are those who know how to control their tongues. And when they talk about something that can be negative, they find a positive way to say it.

When mindset is brought up with many people I know I see 3 very distinct responses:

  1. These are the people I connect with as leaders and many of my friends.
  2. Realist: “I face reality and sometimes it’s very bad! And I tell it like it is.” “I’m just being honest.” I will RARELY allow people in my life who are realists. Frequently, they are in my life only for a limited time. And with them, I limit my conversations with them. Now, one thing about realists is that they are great at coming up with answers to problems. And that is why I don’t automatically kick this person out of my life.
  3. I kick the pessimist out of my life rapidly. Hanging out with someone who is negative is just not good for anyone.


How can mindset impact our health? Science has shown that a negative mindset can weaken our immune system and lead to major illnesses. It can cause depression. And depression causes major problems in marriages, as well as friendships, and every relationship you can imagine.

So, what can you do? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Practice gratitude. Write down 10 things you are grateful for every day.
  2. Watch a fun tv show or movie. Something that makes you laugh.
  3. Read some cartoons.
  4. Control who you have in your life. Remember that you are like the 5 people you spend the most time with.
  5. Get enough sleep.
  6. Follow a healthy diet.
  7. It reduces endorphins which will help with being happy.
  8. Say daily affirmations.
  9. Set goals that excite you. And reward yourself when you achieve them. Make some of them long term.
  10. If you are struggling financially, get creative and get an additional income.




What is YOUR mindset???

What is YOUR mindset???

Mindset: an attitude, disposition, or mood. And, an intention or inclination. 

With this in mind: how do you keep your mindset positive? What are some actions you can take to have a positive attitude, disposition, or mood? How do you keep your intentions and inclinations going the right direction?

Here are some things I have done to keep positive:

  1. Start my day off right. I do daily affirmations. Then I eat breakfast. Then I exercise, these days by training in the Chuck Norris System.
  2. During the day, if a negative thought comes up (and it happens), I replace it with something positive.
  3. If I get hit with bad news, I find something positive in it. It’s the idea that there is a silver lining in every cloud. It’s not always easy to find, but it is there. For example, Las Vegas was hit by a shooter overnight last night. That is a bad thing. But I’m thankful that more people weren’t killed. This doesn’t mean I’m not sorry for the losses. I am very sorry about it. And I did cry over it.
  4. If I get frustrated, I practice martial arts or do something that gets me moving. As I exercise, I am able to literally work-out my frustrations. And then I go back and finish whatever I was working on. Whether it is school or my business or something else.

How do I keep my intentions positive?

  1. I stay focused on my goals. And review them frequently to make sure they are where they need to be at.
  2. I stay connected to my leaders and give them the freedom to speak whatever needs to be said, either good or bad, to me.
  3. I make sure that I am worthy in my own actions to be a leader. I can’t expect anyone to follow me if I am not actively doing what I would expect others to do. I am a leader, not a boss. And I keep this in the forefront of my mind.

What are some things you do?



What do you do when you’re offered a life?

What do you do when you’re offered a life?

The first time I was in network marketing was back in 1992.  My brother, Glenn had joined Amway. Later that year I joined him. At the time I had no idea what I was being offered. But I went to an event that year. And many times, over the years I have thought about that event. I saw people who wanted success. But who also wanted to help people.

It takes 180 credit hours to get a Bachelor’s Degree. How long it will take to accomplish that 180 credits are up to how hard you work. I want you to think about something. To get a Bachelor’s Degree takes determination, perseverance, wisdom, and a strong why. These same behaviors apply to network marketing.  But beyond that, it takes being willing to work smart. But what does it mean to work smart? Working smart means that you work in a way that will allow you to reach the goals you have preset for yourself.

I know people who work 80 hours a week. And don’t take breaks literally for years at a time. And when they pass away: many times, they are broke in one way or another. And I’m not talking exclusively broke financially. I heard someone say that people say at the end of their lives how they wish they had spent more time with their families and less time working. This is not working smart.

But what if you didn’t have to decide between having money or having time with your family? What if you could travel when you want. And could earn while you learn. This is how the network marketing industry operates. And you could do this by simply working from home for 2-3 hours at night or whenever you can.

Since that first time I was in network marketing, I have gone through other companies. I’ve always been drawn to this industry. But it’s never been because I wanted to be rich. Oh, having money is awesome! But being rich, according to some people, is a bad thing. But over the years I’ve seen something. And learned as well: money isn’t good or bad. In the hands of good people it can do more good. But in the hands of bad people, it does bad.

In network marketing, I simply promote what I believe in. We all do it every day. We suggest our favorite restaurant, book, movie, and the list goes on: this is network marketing.  And now we do it by using social media, like Facebook. Other people are using Pinterest, Linked In, Google Plus and other outlets. We are building successful businesses.

Maybe you are like me and you seem to be drawn to this industry and you’ve attempted to do this, but had little or no success. Or maybe you have never considered this industry as a career. I want to encourage you to look at this again, or maybe for the first time. I encourage you to contact me and let’s talk.





Winner With An Attitude!

Winner With An Attitude!

I’m a winner! And you can be a winner also. What sets me apart from you? Only 1 thing: my attitude. I am resilient. I get setbacks and at times I even get sidelined from what I want because of my own attitude or sometimes from the actions of others. Such as when I was hit by a car in December of 2016. That was in no way my fault. I was following directions. That part of it was not my fault. But here’s the thing: that accident was caused by someone else. But I could have taken a defeated mentality and quit school and working in martial arts. And no one would have blamed me. But my mentality won’t allow me to quit.

So, how do you develop a mentality like this? On Monday I gave some suggestions. But here are some more.

  1. Focus on your passions.
  2. Think positively. What you think on will eventually come to pass. Sometimes quickly, other times slowly: but nonetheless, it will happen.
  3. Don’t act impulsively on your emotions. Take some time and think things through.
  4. Commit to what you want. Don’t allow quitting to be an option.
  5. Don’t ever stop being true to yourself.
  6. Commit to no more excuses. Decide that you will until…
  7. Surround yourself with winners. This will mean that you will need to let people go.
  8. Visualize yourself with what you want. If you can see it in your head, you will get it.
  9. Be mature. In other words: grow up. Here’s a video that can help. Jim Rohn: A Winning Attitude (Jim Rohn motivation)

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7 Steps to a Winning Mindset!

7 Steps to a Winning Mindset!

Do you want to be a winner in life? Of course! We all do! But how do you win? What are some practical steps to being a winner?

  1. Make up your mind that you will do whatever it takes to be a winner.
  2. Decide what you want! So many people go from one activity to another or one job to another looking “for the next best thing.” And this is one reason people don’t see success. You must develop an attitude that I will continue until I see the success I want. This doesn’t mean you won’t modify your strategies to accomplish what you want. I’ve done this! It’s why I post on this blog most every day.
  3. Make 3 lists:
    1. Wants: these are things you don’t need but you do want. Maybe you want a new car. But you have a car that will get you around, a new car would be a want.
    2. Needs: maybe you don’t have a car at all. In this case: it would be a need. Especially if you live in an area where public transportation isn’t an option. Or maybe you live in an area where public transportation is available, but you work 3rd shift when it isn’t available. In this situation: having a car is a need.
    3. Desires: these are intangibles. Things like love, companionship, friends, a positive environment to live in.
  4. Take that list and decide you will do what it takes to get it.
    1. Do positive affirmations. Look at my blog on this topic to get you started.
    2. Develop a daily mantra. Something that you will repeat to yourself at least 2-3 times a day.
    3. Develop the strategies that you will need to accomplish what you want. Get help to accomplish them.
  5. Read! Read books about personal development. Books to help you grow personally. Justin Prince has an amazing one that he will give you for free! It’s one of my favorite books!
  6. Get around positive people! Yesterday and in the last point, I referred to Justin Prince. He told me that he won’t hang out with negative people or anyone who distracts him from his goals. He is a top leader! And it started with him deciding that he was going to be a winner! This applies to Reggie, and EVERY leader I have. No exceptions!
  7. Develop yourself to the point that you are like top leaders. And here’s a hint: some of them DON’T have a college degree! I am in college and I will graduate in February, but even if I wasn’t doing this I would still be successful. I am in college to increase my knowledge about healthy living. The degree is simply a reward for doing my work.

Tomorrow I will talk about having a winning attitude and why quitting isn’t an option.





Events Make Leaders!

Events Make Leaders!

I’ve only been to 1 major event in the past 4 years. Partly due to not thinking how important they are, but partly due to being injured and not being able to travel. That last one was the case last January, less than a month after being hit by a driver who wasn’t paying attention and hit me when I was walking across the street near my house. But on October 20-21 this changes. I am heading to Kansas City, Missouri.

Why is this important to me? One reason: friends! I have some of the world’s best when it comes to friends! My friends are also my leaders. And they are the best of the best! One of the things I get from attending events is being able to hang out with them. But I get other things as well. I absorb the atmosphere. There is something about attending events that will set you on fire and I left changed. At the event I went to in 2013 I saw success and left energized and determined to become successful. While the company I was with at that time has changed, the fire from it hasn’t changed.

Over the years since that event, I have changed  a lot. My attitude has pushed me to want success in this industry more than ever. And it’s happening. So, here is my challenge for you: Go! And see how it changes how you see things!


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