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Network Marketing: Revisited! Part 1

Network Marketing: Revisited! Part 1

In July of 2018, I did a 5-part series on Network Marketing: Why YOU Should Consider it. I’m going to revisit this. But for those of you who haven’t seen it, here is a link to that series.
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In that series, I focused on the reasons other people are in this industry. The reasons were varied, but all were very legitimate. In this series, I want to look at some of the successes other people are achieving, highlighting the practical ways that people are building their businesses. The most successful people are not just online or just offline: they are using both! And it’s what I’m doing as well. One thing I love about this industry is you can take what you are already doing and expand it. You are reading my blog. This is a way to build your own business. I’ll show other ways that anyone can do this too. Today, I’m focusing on social media strategies.

One is a strategy called ATM. It is a system I learned from John & Nadya Melton, who are top earners in this industry. This is a strategy that uses social media to build a large business. It is as simple as talking to your friends. Then when you see a need that your company can meet you ADD (A) them to a page on Facebook that can introduce them to the products. You TAG (T) them in a pinned post. And MESSAGE (M) them to answer any questions. Sounds simple, doesn’t it!? It really is!

Another way to build is to use business groups. This is something I’ve learned from my leader, Dr. Reggie Cochran and also from Jessica and Ray Higdon. This is essentially using cold-calling by using Facebook groups. Jessica specifically has a strategy that I strongly recommend that you learn. Even if you have people you can introduce to the business easily, you may have someone who doesn’t have this as an option. It’s because of this, that I am suggesting that even if you don’t need to use it: become familiar with it for those who need it. Some situations that this would be needed is maybe they don’t have someone who has been in a bunch of network marketing businesses and the friends they have won’t talk to them about this as a result. Another reason is they are young or new to social media and simply don’t know enough people to build a business like this rapidly. There are other reasons too. So, just learn about this using the resources I’ve listed. It will pay off, if not with you (maybe you need help and this could be exactly what you need), with someone you are connected to.

Another strategy that is becoming more popular is to use Pinterest. In this strategy, you use pictures and then connect with people who message you. In this strategy, you are using many of the same ideas from John & Nadya Melton’s programs. Only there are no private groups.

Another strategy is using Linked In, advantage to this is you can be open about what company you are in easier. But be careful, you want to control what information they see.

The simple common factor in all of these is you are using social media to connect to people. Some basic rules that the leaders I use are:
1. Don’t include a link to your direct business opportunity much if at all: you want to create curiosity and get people asking what you are using/promoting/doing.
2. Encourage people to ask you questions.
3. Show how this can benefit them! It’s not about you.
4. Connect on a personal level. Build relationships, the business will follow.
5. Always be learning.
6. Take what you are already doing and expand it to how it can serve others.
7. Have fun! And showcase it!

Would you like to know what I’m doing? E-mail me or contact me on my business page on Facebook. I’m also on Pinterest and Linked In .

The strategy I’m using is a combination of several things, both online and offline. If you want to join a team that is having fun and changing lives, I invite you to connect with me and let’s see if we are a fit! I know you would love this!

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