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Lessons from Martial Arts, School and Network Marketing

Lessons from Martial Arts, School and Network Marketing

As we draw near to the end of 2017 and head into 2018 I have been reflecting on what I have learned this year.

  1. If you are going to take the time to do something, drop excuses and find a way to be as successful at it as you want to be. In martial arts, that means going for black belt. In school, that means setting aside time to study and get the assignments done to the best of your ability. And in network marketing, it means turning to your leaders and getting help to learn what it takes to be successful. And then doing it.
  2. It’s okay to take a step back in any of these areas and re-visit why you’re doing it. In school, it’s okay to take the summer off. But if you do this, make sure you have a plan in place to go back and know when this will happen.
  3. Losses can be turned into lessons if you decide to find a way to learn from them.
  4. When bad things happen, you can decide to quit. But you can also decide that you will rise above it and do what you dream of.
  5. It’s okay to dream.
  6. It’s even better to take those dreams and work toward them becoming a reality.
  7. We all have three decisions to make to make those dreams a reality:
    1. Walk toward them. Meaning go forward, but do it cautiously. This is often based on fear. Don’t be afraid to go after what you want.
    2. You could trot. You know, take a faster pace toward what you want. This is knowing what you want. And even making some gentle steps toward making them a reality. But still some fear is there.
    3. But then there’s a third option. And this is the decision I’ve made. This is where you decide to run toward what you want. This may be reaching black belt, or it may be taking some classes toward improving your life. Or any of many things. Your imagination is the limit.
  8. Allow your imagination to run wild. Don’t be afraid to dream. And don’t be afraid to chase those dreams. No matter what others may say. As long as they don’t hurt others.
  9. When naysayers come along, don’t allow them to steal your dreams. And in their place, find some people who will encourage your dreams.
  10. Finally, take a stand for what you want: toward yourself. Sometimes we can be our own biggest naysayers. Love yourself enough to go for what you want.

Dream Big



Many times I just have to laugh when people say no to when I approach them about my network marketing business. Over the years since I decided to pursue this as a career I have heard these reasons as to why they says no:

  • I’m to lazy (well: at least that one was straight to the point)
  • My kids take too much time (hmmm, I’ve got kids too, so do my leaders)
  • I’m fine with where I’m at
  • It’s just a pyramid scheme
  • It’s another Ponzi scheme
  • I failed last time, this time won’t be any different
  • My friends will say no, why bother?

At one time or another we have all had the opportunity to do something to better ourselves. And over the years I’ve learned that this is really the basis of what network marketing is about.

One of my leaders, Tony Zolecki, told me that to become successful in this industry become a master in the basics. In our company, we have a daily list of things to do. At the top of this list is a gratitude journal and personal improvement, including exercising. Tony and his wife, Sarah, are top leaders in this entire industry: not just my company.

For the next 2 or 3 weeks, I’m going to talk about different aspects of network marketing and how people become successful in this industry.



Obesity, part 2

Obesity, part 2

Last Thursday I changed my direction on diet Thursday. Today I’m elaborating on this. Obesity in our children is unacceptable. But, what can be done.

First, parent’s need to set a better example. Kids do what they are taught. If mom and dad don’t exercise: neither will the kids. But maybe, like me, your kids are teenagers or just out of their teenage years. What do you do?

You give them options. Think of it like a library. You tell them you can go for a bike-ride or you can go for a walk. You can join a class, or you can do something independly.  The point is: they are going to begin to get more exercise.

You get creative and motivate them. If you do _____, then I’ll do _______. You know your child-put it to your advantage. I know how hard it is. If you need someone to brainstorm with you: contact me.

I would encourage you to take a look at the recipe I posted here: Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies.

I would also encourage you to look at this website and see how you can fill half your plate with fruit and veggies. It doesn’t have to be boring or taste bad. I learned about this website from one of my classes with Kaplan University.





A saying I’ve heard many times over the years is only partially correct. “Bloom where you are planted.” The implied meaning is that I should be content where I am. But what if you aren’t content? Do you stay put?

I’m not where I was 10 years ago. Neither are you. We all change, we grow for the better or for the worse. I’ve got people in my life who have changed in both ways.

I just started reading a book a few minutes ago that I am going to be telling EVERYONE to read. It’s called Mind Capture, Volume 3. It is directed at entrepreneurs. The subtitle is “HOW TO AWAKEN YOUR ENTREPRENEURAL GENIUS IN A TIME OF GREAT ECONOMIC CHANGE.”

I am captivated by this book! I have not read the first 2 volumes, but after I read this one: I will be. Tony is a new friend of mine on Facebook and someone I can’t wait to meet in person.

What stands out for me so far is a sentence in the first paragraph of the introduction. “Why do so many people continue to buy into all the fear-based talk and thinking running rampant throughout society?”

Tony Rubleski with the book I’m reading 

I want to challenge you to get this book. I included the link to it above in the title of it. It is a game changer. For the next few weeks I am going to be talking about changing your mind and your mindset to have a better life. And how “blooming where you’re planted” isn’t a good idea, unless you are part of minority that lives what my friend Reggie calls the Lavalicious Lifestyle.

This is important, my friends. Here is the link to it again: Mind Capture, Volume 3. Let me know if you get it. I would love to know!

Parents and Children

Parents and Children

Warning: this will upset some people. But I am more concerned with our kids and their future than the  people who get upset with me on this post today.

Iowa obesity rate:
Adults: 32% (#13 in the nation)
Youth 10-17 y/o: 29.9% (#30 in the nation)

Does this get your attention? Or does this get your attention more?…


  • Colorado has the lowest obesity rate at 22.3%
  • West Virginia has the highest obesity rate at 37.7%.
  • All other states range from 22.6% to 37.3%.

The top 5 worst states are:

  • West Virginia
  • Mississippi
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • and Louisiana

Now what about kids between 10 and 17?

  • Utah is the best at 19.2%
  • Tennessee is the worst at 37.7%
  • All other states range from 20.3% to 37.1%.

For our kids,  the top 5 worst states are:

  • Tennessee
  • North Dakota
  • Mississippi
  • Florida
  • and Rhode Island

I want your help. What needs to be done to lower the obesity rate? More government intervention? Or can parent’s do more? I read this in one of  my text books:

“In one study, parental obesity doubled the risk of adult obesity for both obese and non-obese children less than 10 years of age.” (Brown, 327)

Parent’s have control over what is brought into the home! Schools are told what to serve for lunches by the government.

Brown, Judith E. Nutrition Through the Life Cycle, 5th Edition. Cengage Learning, 20130625. VitalBook file.

The statistics from above were found at this website: State of Obesity. You can  look up the numbers for your state from it.


What is YOUR mindset???

What is YOUR mindset???

Mindset: an attitude, disposition, or mood. And, an intention or inclination. 

With this in mind: how do you keep your mindset positive? What are some actions you can take to have a positive attitude, disposition, or mood? How do you keep your intentions and inclinations going the right direction?

Here are some things I have done to keep positive:

  1. Start my day off right. I do daily affirmations. Then I eat breakfast. Then I exercise, these days by training in the Chuck Norris System.
  2. During the day, if a negative thought comes up (and it happens), I replace it with something positive.
  3. If I get hit with bad news, I find something positive in it. It’s the idea that there is a silver lining in every cloud. It’s not always easy to find, but it is there. For example, Las Vegas was hit by a shooter overnight last night. That is a bad thing. But I’m thankful that more people weren’t killed. This doesn’t mean I’m not sorry for the losses. I am very sorry about it. And I did cry over it.
  4. If I get frustrated, I practice martial arts or do something that gets me moving. As I exercise, I am able to literally work-out my frustrations. And then I go back and finish whatever I was working on. Whether it is school or my business or something else.

How do I keep my intentions positive?

  1. I stay focused on my goals. And review them frequently to make sure they are where they need to be at.
  2. I stay connected to my leaders and give them the freedom to speak whatever needs to be said, either good or bad, to me.
  3. I make sure that I am worthy in my own actions to be a leader. I can’t expect anyone to follow me if I am not actively doing what I would expect others to do. I am a leader, not a boss. And I keep this in the forefront of my mind.

What are some things you do?



What do you do when you’re offered a life?

What do you do when you’re offered a life?

The first time I was in network marketing was back in 1992.  My brother, Glenn had joined Amway. Later that year I joined him. At the time I had no idea what I was being offered. But I went to an event that year. And many times, over the years I have thought about that event. I saw people who wanted success. But who also wanted to help people.

It takes 180 credit hours to get a Bachelor’s Degree. How long it will take to accomplish that 180 credits are up to how hard you work. I want you to think about something. To get a Bachelor’s Degree takes determination, perseverance, wisdom, and a strong why. These same behaviors apply to network marketing.  But beyond that, it takes being willing to work smart. But what does it mean to work smart? Working smart means that you work in a way that will allow you to reach the goals you have preset for yourself.

I know people who work 80 hours a week. And don’t take breaks literally for years at a time. And when they pass away: many times, they are broke in one way or another. And I’m not talking exclusively broke financially. I heard someone say that people say at the end of their lives how they wish they had spent more time with their families and less time working. This is not working smart.

But what if you didn’t have to decide between having money or having time with your family? What if you could travel when you want. And could earn while you learn. This is how the network marketing industry operates. And you could do this by simply working from home for 2-3 hours at night or whenever you can.

Since that first time I was in network marketing, I have gone through other companies. I’ve always been drawn to this industry. But it’s never been because I wanted to be rich. Oh, having money is awesome! But being rich, according to some people, is a bad thing. But over the years I’ve seen something. And learned as well: money isn’t good or bad. In the hands of good people it can do more good. But in the hands of bad people, it does bad.

In network marketing, I simply promote what I believe in. We all do it every day. We suggest our favorite restaurant, book, movie, and the list goes on: this is network marketing.  And now we do it by using social media, like Facebook. Other people are using Pinterest, Linked In, Google Plus and other outlets. We are building successful businesses.

Maybe you are like me and you seem to be drawn to this industry and you’ve attempted to do this, but had little or no success. Or maybe you have never considered this industry as a career. I want to encourage you to look at this again, or maybe for the first time. I encourage you to contact me and let’s talk.