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Connection of fear to disease!

Connection of fear to disease!

If you are reading this by connecting to my Facebook page, I have WordPress post this automatically when I post it. I am taking a few days and praying for wisdom and direction. If you want to connect to me, please send me a private message. I will receive it.

Fear can cause illness! This has been confirmed in science! It can weaken your immune system, cause cardiovascular damage, ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome, and decreased fertility.

Consequences of long-term fear can be:

  • Fatigue
  • Inflammation
  • Yellow fat accumulation (which is the dangerous type of fat)
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Clinical depression
  • Accelerated aging
  • Premature death

What can you do?

  1. Recognize that it is there, but then take steps to deal with it!
  2. Find things to be joyful about.
  3. Speak positive things and don’t allow fear to remain.
  4. Sleep!
  5. Learn to be assertive. And when people say things that upset you: tell them and don’t allow it to continue. If they continue to upset you, then you may need to make the decision to limit their contact in your live.
  6. Exercise: martial arts, yoga, walking, swimming. All these are great for coping with fear.
  7. Nutrients:
    1. vitamin b
    2. glutathione enhancer.
    3. Add magnesium
    4. folic acid
    5. Vitamin C
    6. Magnolia bark
    7. Phosphatidylserine
    8. Phytosterols
    9. Adaptogenic herbs (connect to me to find out what would help)
    10. 5-HTP
    11. L-theanine
  8. Follow a heathy diet. Consider Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet that I’ve discussed. By reducing inflammation, you are taking an additional step to being healthy which helps you be more proactive in dealing with stress and fear.

Be blessed.




The Power of One

The Power of One

I’m talking about this on my live broadcasts on Facebook this week too. So, jump on Facebook and watch them there too.

I want to share a poem today that is one of my favorites. The author is unknown.

One smile begins a friendship,

One handclasp lifts a soul,

One star can guide a ship home,

One word can frame a goal.


One vote can change a nation,

One sunbeam lights a room,

One candle wipes out darkness,

One laugh will conquer gloom.


One step must start each journey,

One word must start each prayer,

One hope will raise our spirits,

One touch can show you care.


One voice can speak with wisdom,

One heart can know what’s true.

One life can make a difference,

You see it’s up to you.


Enough said. For today.



HELP! I’m too exhausted to exercise!

HELP! I’m too exhausted to exercise!

(Exhaustion, part 2)

I was exhausted from 2009 through 2014! Even through the early part of my own recovery! And exhaustion made exercising impossible! I was in one of those seasons of life that my own body was telling me to just stop! Walking across the living room (a total of 3-5 feet) was exhausting. Doing laundry was nearly impossible. Caring for my family was impossible. All I wanted to do was sleep. I had to get some help.

Yesterday I made some suggestions on what to do for this on your diet. Today, what can you do physically. This will be continued tomorrow.

  1. Build rest into your day. I realize this may be hard, especially if you are working full-time, have kids, homeschool, or anything along those lines. Take a yoga class and participate twice a week.
  2. Take 2-20-minute rest breaks a day. These are not naps! This a time out to get alone and breath and restore.
  3. Change your perspective. Begin a gratitude journal. Find positive things in life. Laugh! Do something fun every day. Minimize stress.

Modify your lifestyle!

  1. Eat food on a regular cycle
  2. Exercise, but don’t run! High heart rate is hard on the adrenals.
  3. AVOID negative people and self-talk! This is hard, but it is critical!
  4. Take time for yourself and do something relaxing. Go to a bookstore and relax with a cup of tea (NO CAFFEINE!).
  5. Seek counsel. Get some help.
  6. Start a home-based business that is easy to do. Have it be something you are already interested in. Do you write? Start a blog. Are you interested in wellness? Look at network marketing business focused on wellness. Are you good at organizing? Talk about it. But the key in this is keep it simple, and fun!
  7. Add a full-body massage 2-3 times a week. This will raise serotonin and dopamine levels and decrease cortisol levels.
  8. Get to bed by 11 and sleep 8-10 hours. Get a Garmin or Helo band to measure your sleep patterns. I will rarely tell specific brands on here. But occasionally I will. 😊
  9. Listen to what I call power songs first thing in the morning to help you get your day started off right. These are songs that get you excited about the day.

Tomorrow will be the role that martial arts has played in my recovery. And how to incorporate it into your life. As well as how via the internet you can do it on your schedule whenever is convenient for you.



Where Do You Find Motivation?

Where Do You Find Motivation?

I’m part of a Mastermind group on Facebook led by my friend Brad Szollose called Liquid Leadership. On it, I recently learned about some different ways to start your day off right. Brad did a teaching on starting your day off right. And he gave 4 suggestions on things to do. I’m doing all 4, but 2 are new to me.


  1. Music in the morning. Stand up and move to it! You’ve been put on this earth to do something Amazing! Here are some songs that I find motivating.

Hall of Fame by the Script ft. will.i.am

Superheroes by The Script

Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes by Jimmy Buffett

The Comeback by Danny Gokey

  1. Alphabet technique: take the 26 letters of the alphabet and pick 3 power words from each letter. And say them aloud with your arms wide open. “I am ____” For example, for the letter “A,” I am amazing. I am adorable. I am awesome. Continue this for all 26 letters. One letter for each day. So it will take 26 days to complete the entire alphabet.
  2. Don’t process it! Just write whatever is on your mind. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. This is for your eyes only.
  3. Sit for 20-30 minutes and relax. Find a passage in the bible to meditate on. Keep it simple. My favorite passage to meditate on is “God is faithful.” Which is from Deuteronomy 7 verse 9.

Other things you can do to be motivated is have an attitude of gratitude, listen to uplifting music, set goals and follow through on them. If you need help, contact me and I can teach how to do this. It’s not complicated. Have a gratitude journal. By doing these things, you will find motivation. Also, uplift someone else. If you’re on Facebook, take 15 minutes and post a meaningful comment on 5 friends pages. Uplifting someone else has an uplifting effect on you too.

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Power of Mindset

Power of Mindset

Over the past few weeks I have been bombarded a lot with people making statements making clear what their mindset is. I went off on it with my live broadcast on Facebook today. And it impacts our lives as much as nutrition does.

The people I have the most respect for are those who know how to control their tongues. And when they talk about something that can be negative, they find a positive way to say it.

When mindset is brought up with many people I know I see 3 very distinct responses:

  1. These are the people I connect with as leaders and many of my friends.
  2. Realist: “I face reality and sometimes it’s very bad! And I tell it like it is.” “I’m just being honest.” I will RARELY allow people in my life who are realists. Frequently, they are in my life only for a limited time. And with them, I limit my conversations with them. Now, one thing about realists is that they are great at coming up with answers to problems. And that is why I don’t automatically kick this person out of my life.
  3. I kick the pessimist out of my life rapidly. Hanging out with someone who is negative is just not good for anyone.


How can mindset impact our health? Science has shown that a negative mindset can weaken our immune system and lead to major illnesses. It can cause depression. And depression causes major problems in marriages, as well as friendships, and every relationship you can imagine.

So, what can you do? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Practice gratitude. Write down 10 things you are grateful for every day.
  2. Watch a fun tv show or movie. Something that makes you laugh.
  3. Read some cartoons.
  4. Control who you have in your life. Remember that you are like the 5 people you spend the most time with.
  5. Get enough sleep.
  6. Follow a healthy diet.
  7. It reduces endorphins which will help with being happy.
  8. Say daily affirmations.
  9. Set goals that excite you. And reward yourself when you achieve them. Make some of them long term.
  10. If you are struggling financially, get creative and get an additional income.




My Reintroduction

My Reintroduction

Sometimes you must redefine yourself! And that can be an excellent move to make if you are not happy with who you are. I’ve posted on here periodically that I am in school. I have posted about diets and things I’ve been learning about. What are some things I’ve learned over the past year and a half that I’ve been in school?

I’ve learned about nutrition of course (that is my major). But that’s not all! Along with my class lessons I’ve learned how to create PowerPoints, how to write better, and how to create strategies to help people.

So, what is coming now in my future?

One, more blogging! Today I’m starting a 30-day challenge! And along with this, I’m also going to be going live for the next 30 days on Facebook. What I write about and also go live about will help you get to know me better.

Two, more writing! I’m working on a book that will help people be healthier and my coach (another change in my life) says it has the makings to be a best seller. So, you will want to pay attention!

Three, more lives! On Facebook that is. My life has been crazy busy with school and my time on here has reflected that. But now that school is done, well, this can change.

I get questioned a lot if I’m going with further education (IE: Master’s Degree or Doctorate), no. I’m content with where I’m at. I may get some certifications, but that’s not even certain.

There are more changes coming, but they will be told here as they get closer to becoming a reality. So, stay tuned!

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Lessons from Martial Arts, School and Network Marketing

Lessons from Martial Arts, School and Network Marketing

As we draw near to the end of 2017 and head into 2018 I have been reflecting on what I have learned this year.

  1. If you are going to take the time to do something, drop excuses and find a way to be as successful at it as you want to be. In martial arts, that means going for black belt. In school, that means setting aside time to study and get the assignments done to the best of your ability. And in network marketing, it means turning to your leaders and getting help to learn what it takes to be successful. And then doing it.
  2. It’s okay to take a step back in any of these areas and re-visit why you’re doing it. In school, it’s okay to take the summer off. But if you do this, make sure you have a plan in place to go back and know when this will happen.
  3. Losses can be turned into lessons if you decide to find a way to learn from them.
  4. When bad things happen, you can decide to quit. But you can also decide that you will rise above it and do what you dream of.
  5. It’s okay to dream.
  6. It’s even better to take those dreams and work toward them becoming a reality.
  7. We all have three decisions to make to make those dreams a reality:
    1. Walk toward them. Meaning go forward, but do it cautiously. This is often based on fear. Don’t be afraid to go after what you want.
    2. You could trot. You know, take a faster pace toward what you want. This is knowing what you want. And even making some gentle steps toward making them a reality. But still some fear is there.
    3. But then there’s a third option. And this is the decision I’ve made. This is where you decide to run toward what you want. This may be reaching black belt, or it may be taking some classes toward improving your life. Or any of many things. Your imagination is the limit.
  8. Allow your imagination to run wild. Don’t be afraid to dream. And don’t be afraid to chase those dreams. No matter what others may say. As long as they don’t hurt others.
  9. When naysayers come along, don’t allow them to steal your dreams. And in their place, find some people who will encourage your dreams.
  10. Finally, take a stand for what you want: toward yourself. Sometimes we can be our own biggest naysayers. Love yourself enough to go for what you want.

Dream Big