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What To Expect…

What To Expect…

Losing weight is a huge deal! I want to show you 25 things that will happen as  you lose weight:

  1. Muscle gain vs. fat loss
  • The weight itself may or may not change much. But it’s because muscle weights more than fat. For that reason, it is better to measure your weight loss with a cloth measuring “stick” instead of the scale.
  • You may feel chilly because of your thyroid hormone levels can dip, keep a cardigan handy.

2. Allergy symptoms, such as asthma symptoms may decrease. Do not quit prescription meds without your doctor’s approval. He will support this.

3. Your face may slim down

4. Food will taste better.

5. You may be hornier as your BMI dips, your testosterone levels rise. Which makes you less self-conscious.

6. Sex may be more satisfying.

7. You may not know what to wear. Get some friends to go shopping with you. This is especially true for people who have battled obesity most of their lives.

8. You may not feel happy. Get help if you need it. Some people do feel happy over the weight loss.

9. Muscle vs. fat and how to gain muscle while losing fat.

10. Family and friends may criticize you. Ignore them.

11. Some may not notice. Until you lose 9 lbs. it’s not very noticeable.

12. You’ll stop snoring.

13. “According to a study in the journal Neurology, heavier men have poorer memories and cognitive skills than trimmer men.”

14. You will love to sweat! “Progress is addicting.”

15. It will impact your kids! And they will want to eat healthier.

16. Your significant other may not be supportive. Be aware of it. I experienced this and pushed through it.  You can do it!

17. Over time, he or she may join you. I experienced this too.

18. I was lead to this because people began to come to me for advice.

19. Rings may need to be resized.

20. You may need new shoes! You do have fat in your feet and as you lose weight, the fat in your feet will also go down.

21. People may not recognize you. Especially if they haven’t seen you in a while.

22. You will find out who your real friends are. And you will make new friends connected to your new life.

23. You’ll lose your sweet tooth!

24. You’ll save money on prescription medications. “The lighter you are, the healthier you’re apt to be. And in many cases, that means saying sayonara to high blood pressure pills and diabetes medications. Dropping weight also lowers the odds your need medications in the future, too! That’s good news for your body and your bank account.”

25. You’ll cook healthier and become a better chef.

And a bonus: “A leaner you = a longer life. But hey, you probably already knew that.”


Parents and Children

Parents and Children

Warning: this will upset some people. But I am more concerned with our kids and their future than the  people who get upset with me on this post today.

Iowa obesity rate:
Adults: 32% (#13 in the nation)
Youth 10-17 y/o: 29.9% (#30 in the nation)

Does this get your attention? Or does this get your attention more?…


  • Colorado has the lowest obesity rate at 22.3%
  • West Virginia has the highest obesity rate at 37.7%.
  • All other states range from 22.6% to 37.3%.

The top 5 worst states are:

  • West Virginia
  • Mississippi
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • and Louisiana

Now what about kids between 10 and 17?

  • Utah is the best at 19.2%
  • Tennessee is the worst at 37.7%
  • All other states range from 20.3% to 37.1%.

For our kids,  the top 5 worst states are:

  • Tennessee
  • North Dakota
  • Mississippi
  • Florida
  • and Rhode Island

I want your help. What needs to be done to lower the obesity rate? More government intervention? Or can parent’s do more? I read this in one of  my text books:

“In one study, parental obesity doubled the risk of adult obesity for both obese and non-obese children less than 10 years of age.” (Brown, 327)

Parent’s have control over what is brought into the home! Schools are told what to serve for lunches by the government.

Brown, Judith E. Nutrition Through the Life Cycle, 5th Edition. Cengage Learning, 20130625. VitalBook file.

The statistics from above were found at this website: State of Obesity. You can  look up the numbers for your state from it.


So, Martial Arts Can’t Change A Family?

So, Martial Arts Can’t Change A Family?

I have a young friend who last year decided she wanted to get healthy. She will not be named because of her age, but I am going to call her Andi. Andi is 16 now and a year ago was wearing a size 28. Her parent’s (who are friends of mine) also have battled weight problems. Andi lives in a small town in western Texas. Last year before I was in the accident Andi decided to take control of her health and get healthy even without her parent’s help or support. She came to me to ask for help, knowing I am studying nutrition at Kaplan.
Andi and I spent some time talking about her like, dislikes, hobbies, and other things related to her entire life. I learned she likes martial arts movies and other action movies. She also likes to watch tv shows like “Dancing With the Stars.” Like many teenagers who battle weight issues she struggled with low self-esteem, depression, lack of confidence, and other problems. In response to learning this, I gave her some advice such as eating more vegetables, and work on portion control. I also told her to talk to her doctor and to get a full blood work-up. To get her lipids and other blood levels checked. Which she did and then gave it to me.
But I also encouraged her to get involved with activities that would get her moving. Andi chose 2 activities and got a couple of her friends to support her. One is martial arts. She chose Tai Kwon Do, because there is a dojo walking distance from her school. She is now a green belt and determined to reach black belt before she graduates from high school. She also began to take dance lessons and is loving it. But how has martial arts changed her family?
About 3 months after beginning the lessons and making changes in her eating habits, her parent’s decided to join her. Andi now Andi does all the cooking and her parent’s are loving the new eating habits. Andi also has a younger sister who is 8 and also started Tai Kwon Do. Andi’s little sister I will call Summer. Summer has never had a weight problem. And because of the lifestyle changes initiated by Andi, she likely never will.
As of about a week ago,  Andi now is at a size 18 and plans to be at a size 16 before her prom in April. Plus she has her first boyfriend who is completely supportive of what she is doing. Andi after high school is considering becoming a dietician or a health coach.
And has decided that martial arts will remain a permanent part of her life. Her parent’s and sister are loving martial arts and are planning to continue in it as well. Andi attributes the biggest change because of the mindset she has because of martial arts.
Just something to think about.
Credit to the “parent/child” picture goes to my friend Professor David Dunn. His website is Premier Martial Arts, Santa Clarita Valley, California. Professor  Dunn  is one of the leaders for UFAF, or the United Fighting Arts Federation. The same group I am part of with Top Form Karate & Fitness. UFAF has a network of schools all over the country. Look at the website for UFAF to find a school near you. Or, you can do like I’m doing and use the Top Form Online School. In the few weeks I’ve done this, I have already passed my first test, which is a written test. And I will test for Gold belt in a few weeks.
Pain Ends

Pain Ends

© Katy A. Brown

Published: October 26, 2016 from Family Friend Poems

Breathe in the fresh air,
Put your mind at ease.
Let down your hair,
Let it flow in the breeze.

Let your eyes wander
To all the beauty to be seen.
If those toxic thoughts you still do ponder,
Then let out a scream.

Scream until the pain is gone,
Until you’re no longer feel afraid.
Open your eyes to a new dawn,
Let the darkness fade.

No longer compare yourself
Or your flaws to others’ perfections.
Take the negativity off the shelf,
Focus on your direction.

Pick the sadness up off the floor,
Sweep it into the wind.
Close the door on self-hatred,
Never let it back in.

For the lies it would often tell you,
You will no longer agree.
Happiness and love are what you should hold onto,
They are whom you should give the key.

Pay no attention to the toxic thoughts,
Listen to those who adore everything you are.
Overthinking was what you once were taught,
But now those thoughts you put in a jar.

Focus on your goals,
Never lose your fight.
It’s time to open new scrolls,
Everything will be all right.

Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/pain-ends

Right now I am in the middle of some reshuffling and changing things around. So I did this today. Be blessed! Malissa


I can’t have gluten! Help!

I can’t have gluten! Help!

I’ve been getting questioned a lot recently about how do you substitute all-purpose flour with a gluten free flour. Some people are making this change due to allergies, but I have noticed that some people are doing this because they want to see how this affects them.

Option 1:

Use an all-purpose gluten free flour and if you are making bread add 1tsp xanthan gum or ½ tsp. arrowroot powder. Bob’s Redmill is a popular brand. But there are other brands available.


Option 2:

In place of flour in a recipe, try this combination.

  • 3 parts white or brown rice flour
  • 2 parts potato starch
  • 1 part tapioca flour/starch
  • 1 teaspoon xanthan gum for every 1-1/2 cups flour mixture



So, living in abundance is bad?

So, living in abundance is bad?

Says who? The bible gets twisted a lot! It how “religious laws” get developed. We’ve all played a game where one person tells a second person a secret and then that person tells it to a 3rd person and it goes on to every person in the game. By the time that secret goes through everyone in the game, the secret is not at all what has happened from the original secret. Here is a twist on this: 1 Timothy chapter 6 verse 10. It has been twised from the original text and it has been twisted and some people have decided that walking in abundance is a bad thing. I want to challenge that today.

1 Timothy chapter 6 verse 10 says in the New International Version “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” Some people have interpreted this to mean that money is bad and having too much is a bad thing.

But, look at what this same verse says in the Amplified version of the bible: “For the love of money [that is, the greedy desire for it and the willingness to gain it unethically] is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves [through and through] with many sorrows.”  I think this gives a different twist to this same passage.

If someone has a lot of money they have choices to make. They can love the money and having it and essentially be a modern-day Ebenezer Scrooge or they can be like Reggie Cochran and be among the most giving people. I can easily replace Reggie’s name with Tony & Sarah Zolecki, Rick & Michelle Teague, John & Nadya Melton, Justin Prince, Gena Norris, Dr. Ted Gambordella or several other friends I have.

What makes them different? And why are they walking in abundance? What makes them different from people who are rich but give a bad “taste in other’s mouths” when it comes to money?

The people I’ve got who are friends who literally walk in abundance gained their abundance ethically. They did it by working smart and following biblical principles. If you want to walk in abundance, I encourage you to see what the bible says about money and by doing it. Here is a list to start with:

  • Seek God first (Matthew 6:33, 2 Chronicles 31:20-21, Psalm 1:1-3)
  • Dwell in His presence which means you must trust Him (Psalm 16:11, James 1:5-7, Matthew 6: 31-33, Psalm 37: 3-5, 11)
  • Realize that the devil is the thief and he came to steal, kill, and destroy. (John 10:10)
  • Realize if you have Jesus and the Holy Spirit, you are a child of God and have all the rights and privileges of being a child of God, that includes abundance. (John 1:12)
  • Be a giver. (Luke 6:38 and Malachi 3:10-12, Proverbs 10:22, Proverbs 3:9-10, Deuteronomy 8:17-18, Proverbs 11:25, 2 Corinthians 9:6-7)
  • Realize that God gives good things. (James 1:17)
  • Be diligent (Deuteronomy 28:1-2, Proverbs 13:4)
  • Seek righteousness (Psalm 37:25-26, Proverbs 8:18-21)
  • Keep His commandments which means to walk in His ways. (Psalm 23:1, 1 Kings 2:3, Psalm 84:11-12, Leviticus 26:3-5)

3 john 1 2

Martial Arts Tournaments and Life!

Martial Arts Tournaments and Life!

In a tournament, you will have competitors. And some will win, others won’t. In martial arts, the tournaments are no different. But in the martial arts community, even if you don’t win a tournament you will still find plenty of support. And it’s that way in life too.

Sometimes you lose a battle to win a war. And in a way, that’s how I see tournaments. When you battle in a tournament, you may lose. But losing isn’t losing if you learn something. And that is something that is important to learn.

In 2010 I watched the movie “The Karate Kid” with Jaden Smith. Here is a clip from it: Everything is Kung Fu. In this scene, Young Dre learns that everything is based on Kung Fu and the more I learn about this, the more I realize how true it is. In this movie, Dre lost some battles throughout the movie. But in the end, he gained character and that is the best win anyone can have.

I would encourage you to take a look at martial arts and see how it can change your life.

To close today, here is a clip from my favorite martial arts movie, The Martial Arts Kid. And one I highly recommend to anyone who battles bullying. It is an amazing movie.