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10 Qualities

10 Qualities

My amazing friend, Justin Prince, posted these on Facebook and he is right on target! So much so, I decided to post them here.

“Everything rises and falls on leadership.” John C. Maxwell

Do you want to go to the next level as a leader? Your ability to influence, impact, and inspire more people is determinant on your leadership. 💯

👉 Do you have these 🔟 characteristics of a great leader?

1️⃣ GREAT LEADERS LEAD BY EXAMPLE! The essence of leadership is example. Would you want to mentor you? If your entire team was going to do what you did this week, would your business be where you want it to be? Great leaders lead with action. ✊

2️⃣ GREAT LEADERS ARE SLOW TO BE OFFENDED AND QUICK TO FORGIVE! Great leader’s plans and dreams are too big to give into small distractions. Are you quick to forgive? 🤝

3️⃣ GREAT LEADERS FOCUS ON THE DREAM, NOT THE DRAMA! Where your focus goes, your energy will flow. Give your passion and energy to the dream. Scan for the positivity and choose the reasons to keep going. This will define you! 💥

4️⃣ GREAT LEADERS NEVER POISON THE WELL! As a leader, you will have challenges and problems will hit you. What direction does negativity or problems flow? Up! They never go down or side to side. Never poison your own well. You have to drink water from that well!💀

5️⃣ LEADERS DIFFUSE PROBLEMS NOT EXASPERATE THEM! As a leader, you carry two buckets: a bucket of water and a bucket of gasoline. It’s your job to know when to use which bucket. When issues come up to your deal with it, calm it down and diffuse the problem. 🚒

💥 Taking yourself to the next level as a leader starts with YOU! 💥

6️⃣ LEADERS ARE EMOTIONALLY MATURE AND EMOTIONALLY STABLE! Your EQ (emotional quotient) is something that you can grow and develop. When you become an entrepreneur, you put yourself into uncertain environments. Some days are amazing, and some are not. Get your emotions in check! 😅

7️⃣ DISCOURAGEMENT IS A LUXURY THAT YOU CAN NOT AFFORD! When you’re so down and discouraged, that negativity creates a ripple effect. You can not afford this! 🙅‍♂️

8️⃣ GREAT LEADERS CARE WHAT THE RIGHT PEOPLE THINK! Great leaders measure themselves by those that measure themselves by you. I almost quit before I even became an entrepreneur because two guys laughed at the thought of me starting my own business. Surround yourself with those that pour positivity into your life. 👋

9️⃣ GREAT LEADERS NEVER QUIT ON A BAD DAY! Most people quit on bad days because it’s hard and challenging—I’ve been there! If you need to move on to something else, make sure you do it when your head is clear. Never quit your business, marriage, children or life on a bad day! 👨‍👩‍👦

🔟 GREAT LEADERS LEAD WITH VISION! In the beginning, leaders say, “this is where we’re are going,” and when challenging times hit, they say, “this is where we are still going.” You lead with the vision to start the project, and you lead when the challenges hit during the project. 👓

Drop the word “READY” if are plan on incorporating all 🔟 characteristics in your leadership to increase your ability to influence, impact and inspire people. 👇⁣⁣

iamjustinprince #igniteyourgreatness⁣

Justin Prince
What if!?!?

What if!?!?

Watch this video, then think about what would happen IF you could NOT fail?

Chasing Failure! !

Failure is not something we should avoid. We should pursue what is going to make a HUGE impact on the world around us. ❤❤❤

This is from my devotional:

“Deutoronomy 31 captures a moment in history that should encourage every person who’s ever had a big dream. Joshua is about to succeed Moses, which is not something many men would want to sign up for. It would be the equivalent of becoming the President of the United States in the midst of war. Moses knew his time was up and it was time to pass the baton to a worthy man of God. On behalf of God, Moses tells all the people to be strong and courageous, but then Moses pulls Joshua in close for a special message in front of everybody. The camera zooms in tight on Moses and Joshua and everyone began waiting on what words Moses will give to his successor. 

Moses tells Joshua the same thing God told his people: Be strong. And be courageous. 

Whatever you’ve been afraid to do and whoever you’ve been afraid to become, God wants to encourage you today to be strong and to be courageous. The person God wants you to become is a person that isn’t afraid of anything regardless of the outcomes of your dreams.”

Make today a great day. 🥋👊🎯👣👣👣

Get Back Up!

Get Back Up!

Since I was born I’ve been knocked down more times than I can imagine.

BUT, no matter how many times I fall down, get kicked down, or whatever: I GET BACK UP. If you want success in anything: this is what it takes.

Here is a very partial list of what I’ve overcome:

1. Speech issues: learned to do public speaking

2. Told I couldn’t graduate from college because I’m not smart enough: did in 2018 with honors.

3. Homeless, more than once: now living in a nice home with plans to help the homeless.

4. Failed biology and ended up majoring in nutrition science in college, then graduated with honors. This coincides with #2.

MANY others are in progress. Including reaching black belt in the Chuck Norris System and beating a concussion.

If you want something bad enough, fight for it!

No weights??? No problem!

No weights??? No problem!

On Facebook, I asked what I should talk about next. My friend Cathy asked this: “What about at home exercise equipment or how we can use every day items to help us get fit.” My response may surprise you.

Weights are good. So is the equipment at the local gym. But, if you don’t have any there are ways around it.

NOTHING except your body.

1. Jumping Jack’s. Start with 10.

2. Planks. Start with 5 seconds and build up to 3+ minutes.

3. Step up. If you have anything that you can step up on, use it. Steps work too.

4. Squats. If your balance is bad, start against a wall.

5. Go outside and go for a walk. This is AWESOME way to get your daily dose of vitamin D as well.

6. Here is an article that helps on this too. 13 Body-Burning Moves That Require No Weights

7. You can also go on YouTube and use the exercise videos there. Faithful Workouts

There are MANY options. Sometimes it just takes getting creative. But, if you want to be healthy, you will find a way.

Being Epic!

Being Epic!

Life can get too busy! And drag all of us down. I told Reggie and someone else this a few minutes ago on Facebook: You can be busy and not accomplishing anything you want. Or you can be picky on what you do and get closer to what you want to have in your future.

To have an EPIC life, FOCUS is critical! Over the past few days I’ve told what my days include. I’m obsessed with beating this concussion! And because of that: I will beat it! My activities, my diet, and everything in my life is focused on this single goal. Until I beat this: nothing else gets my focus. I’ve even set my life up to have my business be part of my beating this!

I want to suggest something to you: if I can do what I’m doing to beat a concussion: then what reason do you have to not pursue something you have a burning desire to achieve?

I want to suggest that you watch this 15-minute video on Burning Desire: Napoleon Hill’s Master Key – Episode 8 “Enthusiasm” or “Burning Desire” HD – Think and Grow Rich

If you truly want an epic life, get picky on your daily activities. Everything stems from there.


Beating a Concussion, Part 3

Beating a Concussion, Part 3

Exercises are important.

Diet is important. 

But, then there is what I call the glue to the entire thing. No matter what the issue is. And it’s the mental component.  We can exercise and we can eat right. But, without the mental component the battle is MUCH harder.

When I am frustrated or overwhelmed, I have symptoms from the concussion that I got back in 2018. It can range from a mild headache to a borderline migraine that NOTHING except a dark, quiet room deals with. So, I’ve been playing around with what helps for me.

One thing started standing out. Stress. Reggie Cochran reminded me that stress is connected to fear. And that fear is kryptonite to faith. I can follow a diet that has all the benefits to my brain. And exercise too. But, unless I keep my stress level down it won’t work.

So, what are the things that I’m doing?

1. I pray 1st thing in the morning. And begin with praise and worship music because it’s uplifting.

2. I do affirmations. Again, it’s to keep my mind positive.

3. I have a gratitude journal. Whenever I have something positive happen, it gets written down. It keeps me looking for positive things.

4. I limit news, and that includes political ads.

5. I take 15-20 minutes a day and meditate. Typically right after lunch. It makes my day go smoother.

6. I limit conversations that tend to cause stress. And that includes with my family.

7. I get plenty of sleep. And whenever I have a hard time getting to sleep, I remember my things I’m grateful for. And put some soft music on. Typically from Pandora.

8. Visualize. I imagine myself living without the concussion or any of the symptoms of it.

9. Finally, I memorize small bible passages. Or uplifting thoughts. My favorite is 3 John 1:2. It says, beloved, I pray that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.

These activities may seem simple and insignificant. And they are simple. But they are far from being insignificant. By following the diet that I am, exercising, plus mental components, and seeing a local chiropractor. I am beating this.

Are you fighting something? I’d like to help. Sometimes, the only way to fight is to figure out what isn’t working and then look at what is working. By doing these 3 posts, I broke down what have realized is helping me. Some of these ideas, everyone in my opinion, should do.