Network Marketing: Why YOU Should Consider It. Part 3

Network Marketing: Why YOU Should Consider It. Part 3

So, here we are at day 3. And for today, my friend Steve Rose said, “Level playing field.” And it’s true!

Steve Rose

What you get from this industry is 100% determined based on your effort. You don’t have a boss or corporation telling you how much you can earn. Or how high you can go up. You alone determine your growth. If you want to earn $50 a month or $500,000 a month is based on 1 thing: working smart.

I use a strategy called ATM. It is a system I learned from John & Nadya Melton, who are top earners in this industry. This is a strategy that uses social media to build a large business. It is as simple as talking to your friends. Then when you see a need that your company can meet you ADD (A) them to a page on Facebook that can introduce them to the products. You TAG (T) them in a pinned post. And MESSAGE (M) them to answer any questions. Sounds simple, doesn’t it!? It really is and I love it!

John and Nadya have a website that I encourage everyone to use. It’s called My Lifestyle Academy.  It’s full of FREE resources! But I also highly recommend their academies. They are incredible! And effective! The 2 academies I personally use are:

Tomorrow, you won’t want to miss this! I have a TOP LEADER in the industry as my focus!

Special shout out to John & Nadya Melton: Network Marketing Pro, headed up by Eric Worre. Here is what was said about them:

John & Nadya Melton

“John and Nadya Melton are 7-figure earners, 16-year Network Marketing veterans and are currently at the top position in their company. They built a following on Facebook of over 75,000 and have personally recruited over 1,500 people in their career. Being strong leaders in the industry, they began to research new marketing methods to continue growing their business. When they began to use social media, their business skyrocketed. They began to focus on branding themselves, rather than their business. This couldn’t have turned out to be more true, and creating their personal brand changed their life. They experimented with different platforms and techniques. Created a rock solid system that not only worked for them, but thousands of their students and teammates as well.”


SNMA John Melton

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