Month: February 2018

A Major Goal Was Met Today!

A Major Goal Was Met Today!

College. I was told I was not smart enough to do it. But today I got my grades back for my final 2 classes:

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Class: 92.24%

Bachelor’s Capstone in Nutrition Science: 96.75%


What do you do when you set a goal and then reach it? Especially one that takes 2 or more years to reach?

You celebrate! And you shout it from the roof tops! Or in my case, post it publicly on Facebook.

It is important to celebrate achievements. In fact, if you don’t you let others down. Your success stories are encouraging to you for certain, but they are also encouraging to others. It can encourage them to develop their own stories of success.

Just so you know some of what I had to accomplish what I had to do this semester alone:

  • Complementary & Alternative Medicine class
    • Interview an alternative doctor, I chose a local traditional Chinese medicine doctor named Jay Heaverlo, M.S., L.Ac.
    • Write a 9-page essay on traditional Chinese medicine. Which, I achieved a 100% on.
    • Over 20 quizzes
  • Bachelor’s Capstone in Nutrition Science
    • Create a case study based on someone who could be real
    • Develop a realistic meal plan for this person. I had this person be Jewish and she followed a traditional Kosher diet. She was also a mom to a child with special needs and a business leader as well.
    • I also created an educational program connected to nutrition and created a proposal to present to business leaders.

None of this was easy. But when you decide that you want something you will do what it takes to make it a reality. And that is what I have done.



How to Survive A Mass Shooting!

How to Survive A Mass Shooting!

How to Survive A Mass Shooting! From Dr. Ted Gambordella, a 10th degree black belt I am friends with. He wrote this and I feel like it could save lives. He posted this on Facebook.

1. Be aware immediately that something terrible is happening. When you hear the first shots don’t just stand there, immediately realize that something terrible is happening and begin to act and think about how and what you can do to survive. Don’t panic, be calm (as hard and as impossible this may seem). Your not panicking and trying to remain as calm as possible is your best chance of surviving. Your heart will be exploding and your breath will be short and fast, but you can, you can regain your composer and you can increase your chances of survival by being aware of something terrible happening and beginning your safety program.
2. Pick up something for protection and defense. A heavy book (a lot of murders have unfortunately happened at a school), or several heavy books. A book of 200 to 400 pages (like most college text books) will stop most small caliber weapons and certainly offer some form of protection. Put the book in front of your head and look to the sides quickly for room location and to locate the shooter. A pen, pencil, an umbrella, a bottle, a glass, a heavy object you can throw. These are all things that can be used. I am not saying they will save your life, but I am saying that having something in your hand for protection or attack is better than having nothing.
3. Look for an escape. This would obviously have been a better choice if done before the attack, but most people are simply afraid at most places they go and so they never take the time to look for an escape route before something happens. It would be a good idea to get into the habit of looking for an escape route when you enter any room, or building. When you are on an airplane they always tell you escape routes, and in schools they always practice fire drills and show escape routes, and all buildings have signed posted with escape routes. You can break out a window and jump, even from a 2nd or 3rd floor, you will get hurt from the jump, but your chances of survival are better from the jump and landing than taking a bullet in the head.
4. Look for cover if there is no escape. Hide under a desk, behind a door, in a closet and be prepared to move if the shooter gets closer. You can pile up chairs in front of you to give you some space and hopefully some ducking room. If you hide under a desk, you have to be prepared to attack his legs if he comes to the desk. If you hide in a closet, you need to be prepared to attack then he opens the door. You want to be beside the door and low, ready to spring into action, not cowering in the corner of the closet.
5. Attack the shooter. If you have time to get several people who also want to defend themselves you can quickly discuss your attack plan. You can form a circle and all attack at once. You can form a single line and rush at him that means the first person in the line will be the first shot, but that also means the others can do something, perhaps stop him, or escape. If you have a weapon, even a pen, or pencil attack his eyes and throat. Kick his groin and attack the back of his neck. I know your chances of beating a man with a gun and you have only got a pen are very poor, but trying is all you can do, and if enough of you try at the same time you will definitely stop the attack. A pistol can only have 9 to 15 bullets and that means that he can only shoot 9 to 15 times before reloading and that means if there are 25 or 35 or even more people who all attack at once, he will simply not be able to shoot them all without getting some harm done to him, and hopefully being stopped.
6. Have a plan. Reading this article will give you some ideas about what you can do in this situation. Going to a martial arts school or a self defense class will give you some training. Thinking in your mind about what you would do and how you could do it is making a plan. The point here is to at least have some idea about what you would do and what you could do. It is too late when you are at the scene of the shooting to start trying to think of a plan. Spend some time planning what you could and would do now and take some time to do some planning with your family about what they can do if they are in such a situation, or if they hear shots at their house, etc.
7. Move, move, move. Don’t stand there if you are trapped in the room, move your head and move your body. It is much harder to hit a moving target than a stationary one. I know this is a disturbing point, but it is a necessary point and I must make it. Do not lie on the ground if you see him start shooting people who are lying on the ground. If he has not shot anyone, and if he tells you to lie down, then you can do it and probably should do it, but when he starts putting bullets in their heads, don’t lie there and be next. I would rather be shot running around the room, than lying face down.



A funny story from my childhood

A funny story from my childhood

This is a story I’m retelling from my mom. When I was 3 or 4 years old my parents took me to get snow boots. We were living in Germany and mom and dad decided it was time for me to learn to snow ski. At the time I was very literal and whenever someone would ask me a question, I would take it literally. Mom and dad took me to the shop to get the snow shoes. We were picking out some for me to try on. Finally, we found a pair. As I was trying them on and got them on. The shoe salesman asked me where my toe was. Apparently, I looked at him funny and told him very seriously and told him, “it’s in my sock.” My family and I have laughed about that since I was a small child.


German Mountains

Today I’m run down from doing a lot for the past few months and I’m resting. One thing Reggie Cochran taught me is that when life gets to be too much, it’s okay to take a day of rest. And just relax and have some fun. He lives what he calls the Lavalicious Lifestyle. What this means is that you work hard but play too. Do things like working on a cruise ship, or while playing golf. It is not just taking a vacation but living your life like you are vacation all the time. But working too. It’s the kind of lifestyle I am working toward. One thing that is important is to have balance in your life. Without it, life can be overwhelming and can literally cause sickness.


Top 10 fun facts about me

Top 10 fun facts about me

  1. I enjoy playing the flute.
  2. My favorite game is Monopoly.
  3. I enjoy photography and at one point I considered making it a career.
  4. When I first started writing, the things I wrote thankfully will never be published. I had a lot of room for improvement.
  5. I enjoy challenges. Tell me I can’t do something, I typically will find a way to do it.
  6. I like playing games on Facebook.
  7. I like all kinds of music. But if I am listening to heavy metal, it’s best to stay away for a little while because I’m upset about it.
  8. My favorite country singer is Jimmy Buffett. Jump on my live later today on Facebook to see which song of his is my favorite.
  9. I love cats. Currently I have 2 of them. Jack is the older one and Snowball is younger. I also have a fish named Angel. The pictures are of Snowball on the left and Jack on the right.
  10. I love learning new things.


The City I was Born in

The City I was Born in

I am an Air Force brat. And proud of it. My dad served in the United States Air Force from 1960 to 1980. At the time I was born in the late 1960s he was stationed near my grandparents at Pope Air Force Base in North Carolina near Fayetteville. Dad was a navigator on the C-130 airplane. Nickednamed: Hercules. Here’s a picture.

c130 hercules


My mom has told me that my pregnancy was typical. But when I was born, it was challenging. I was born breech, feet first. Growing up mom had to get me additional help with speech and other things. We suspect, although this has never been confirmed, that my being born breech has caused issues.

Maybe you’re wondering why I’m telling this. Well, I want to show something. I had struggles. But, I am almost a college graduate in my toughest school area. In high school I did my best! But science was not easy for me! In fact, I barely passed it in high school.

Just because someone has challenges, doesn’t mean that they can’t accomplish what they want. I have always loved helping people. And now I am working toward helping people on a larger scale.

In my senior year of high school, I competed in a beauty pageant called the “Miss Ekoh” pageant. I didn’t win the Miss Ekoh award. But, I accomplished something that I think is better. I won the Miss Congeniality award. This is an award given for being the most helpful and friendly. This is awarded to the person who the other contestants vote for. It is to this day, one of the biggest highlights of my life.

In 2011 I had a defining moment in my life: I could choose to quit and ultimately die, literally. Or I could choose to listen to what God says. We all have these moments. Maybe you are facing this right now. My decision was based on what my family taught me. Work hard and do your best at everything you set your mind to do. My grandparent’s and parents all taught me that quitting is never an option. Even when it’s hard.

defining moments

My Reintroduction

My Reintroduction

Sometimes you must redefine yourself! And that can be an excellent move to make if you are not happy with who you are. I’ve posted on here periodically that I am in school. I have posted about diets and things I’ve been learning about. What are some things I’ve learned over the past year and a half that I’ve been in school?

I’ve learned about nutrition of course (that is my major). But that’s not all! Along with my class lessons I’ve learned how to create PowerPoints, how to write better, and how to create strategies to help people.

So, what is coming now in my future?

One, more blogging! Today I’m starting a 30-day challenge! And along with this, I’m also going to be going live for the next 30 days on Facebook. What I write about and also go live about will help you get to know me better.

Two, more writing! I’m working on a book that will help people be healthier and my coach (another change in my life) says it has the makings to be a best seller. So, you will want to pay attention!

Three, more lives! On Facebook that is. My life has been crazy busy with school and my time on here has reflected that. But now that school is done, well, this can change.

I get questioned a lot if I’m going with further education (IE: Master’s Degree or Doctorate), no. I’m content with where I’m at. I may get some certifications, but that’s not even certain.

There are more changes coming, but they will be told here as they get closer to becoming a reality. So, stay tuned!

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