Exercise? Who me???

Exercise? Who me???

Yesterday I introduced the topic of the Mediterranean Lifestyle. At the base of the pyramid is exercise. People tend to think of diets only being connected to what we eat. But the reality is: what we eat is only one part of being healthy. We also must exercise. With all the choices, available there really is no reason not to get active. I have friends who are into martial arts. I have friends who do cross training. I have friends who dance. I have friends who just walk. I have friends who run. Most of the people I know do a combination of these. For instance, my friend Marian Kirby is a wonderful dancer. But she’s also a Grandmaster in Tae Kwon Do. I have heard people say things like I can’t exercise. As I’ve learned in school there is only a couple of short term reasons not to exercise. One, you just had surgery. And that is usually only for a few hours. Doctors have realized that exercise helps recovery speed up. Two, you are on complete bed-rest for cardiac reasons or pregnancy complications. You may be reading. this from a wheelchair. But even from a wheelchair, you can still exercise. There are basketball teams made up of people in a wheelchair. So, where do you start? First, think about what is fun for you. This is a purely personal decision. I enjoy just moving. So, I walk and do martial arts. But I also enjoy trying new things. So, yesterday morning I did a workout from Youtube. YouTube can be a fun way to try something new. I also do yoga from a DVD. There are so many available options. I know you’ll find one you love.

If I can help, let me know. I am on Facebook as well listed as Malissa Elkins Van Zee. Tomorrow I will talk about the next level in the food pyramid.



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