Are You Caged In?

Are You Caged In?

Mohini was a magnificent white tiger that lived in the US’s National Zoo in Washington DC in the 1960s. Mohini was a special gift presented to the US president Eisenhower, and the US people. The Zoo started a major project to build a large enclosure for Mohini, their star attraction. The enclosure would simulate Mohini’s natural habitat as closely as possible. It would have many acres of lush forest with rolling hills and a large pond. It would be Mohini playground for her to stretch and express her natural self as one of nature’s most splendid and powerful creatures. Meanwhile, while the large enclosure was being built, Mohini was kept in a 12 x 12 feet cage with iron bars and cement floor. Mohini would pace around ceaselessly in this cage while her eventual home was being built. Finally, the enclosure was completed and the big day of releasing Mohini into it had arrived. A large excited crowd had gathered to witness this much awaited event. To everyone’s surprise, instead of frolicking in joy in her new sprawling enclosure, Mohini headed straight for a perimeter wall at the enclosure’s edge. At the wall, Mohini started to pace around in an imaginary cage, just like the way she had while waiting for the enclosure to be build. Mohini stayed in this tiny corner at the wall for the remainder of her life, oblivious to the freedom and choices she had.

How many of us live our lives in a cage like Mohini lived in? We deserve more! A lot more!!! So what can you do? Yesterday in church my pastor talked about this. There are 4 things that can help he taught.

  1. Redeem the routines. What are you doing that allow time to be redeemed? Are you getting ready for the day? Listen to a audiobook. Are you driving  for 20-30 minutes? Same thing. Get creative. And have fun with this.
  2. Reduce the hurry in life. Slow down and make some time in your schedule to just rest. Carl Jung said “Hurry is not of the devil, hurry is the devil.” And he is right on target!
  3. Regularly meditate the Word. Yes, I said the Word. Go beyond meditating on the word to really thinking on The Word itself. You will be amazed at the results you get!
  4. Finally,  review and renew life paths. Is what you’re doing working? If it isn’t maybe it’s time to change some things. Failure is only failure if you quit. You can change how you do things as often as you need to.




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