I was on a phone call that was designed to be a rally call and I heard this word…until. The rest of the sentence  was “I will persist UNTIL I succeed.” This has really had me thinking. How many of us really push ourselves and persist UNTIL we succeed? We have 14 days until this month is over. On the 1st of October we are going to enter the homestretch for 2016. How many of your goals have been reached this year? I’ve accomplished MOST of my goals and I’m on track to finish the remainder of my goals. The biggest goal I had this year was to see myself as successful.  The means that I was going to use to have this happen was to  do some things that would push me out of my comfort zone. I was also going to develop healthier friendships both online and in person. My theme for the year has been something I’ve adopted from Kenneth Copeland and that is “The Great Year.” In order for 2016 to be My Great Year I was going to have to make some MAJOR internal changes. I realized that I would be more coachable and teachable. A friend in Texas on the phone  explained to me the difference between the two areas. If someone is teachable they are able to receive instruction. If someone is coachable, they will take action  and do what the coach  says. This is action based, not just learning based. One of the other things that  I was going to have to do is not only make healthier friends, but to develop those friendships. And also work on meeting those friends that are online, whenever possible, in person. And a few have happened. Some others are in the works. Such as some friends I have in Los Angeles, California. That will very likely happen in October. I also have had to become TOTALLY focused on becoming positive. One of my closest friends is Dr. Reggie Cochran. He’s been a part of my life since 2013 and one of the reasons my life is going the direction it’s going.  He has taught me so much about mindset. One of the things he has taught me is I have to develop a positive mindset that no one can disrupt. For a while that meant that I had to get away and get around some strong, positive people. I have been told I am selfish, uncaring, and other things that are just not true. I do care, sometimes too much for the wrong people.

So, what is my point in this blog? My point is this: if you want to see your life get better, you will have to do some things that may not be popular. But if you want a life that is truly a life, you will have to be coachable, teachable, and willing to set goals. One of the most important goals I’ve ever set was the goal to improve myself. Has it been easy? NO!!! But has it been worth it? ABSOLUTELY!!!   Have a great weekend!!!




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