Clean Living In A Dirty World

Clean Living In A Dirty World

We all want to be healthy. We hate it when we hear about someone being sick. We cry when someone dies. What can be done to be healthier? I’m not a dietician. I’m not a doctor. I’m a woman who cares about people and only wants the best for my children and friends. So who am I? Well, I’m Malissa Van  Zee. I currently live in Iowa. I have 4 kids ages 13 to 19. I love learning new things. I love writing. I love walking, singing, going to movies, talking to people, making friends and reading. I don’t care if my friends are incredibly rich or struggling financially. I also don’t care if they are famous or unknown. I look for friends who care. If you are someone who cares, send me a message and get to know me.

I plan to blog once or twice a week. I work from home doing several different things and more things are coming. I am accessible on Facebook at Malissa Elkins Van Zee and my  business page is Malissa Carole. I plan to talk about different ways to be healthy in a dirty world. We live in a toxic world. But there are things we can do to be healthier in spite of this. And that is what I am going to focus on.

I have had a blog on here before. But since then my life has gone a different direction and even though some of the things have remained the same, enough other things have  changed to warrant my having a new blog entirely. Most of the time I will be blogging on Monday’s and Thursday’s. So, until Thursday, take care and God bless you.


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